Custom Awnings

  • Morgan Myers close up custom awning with lights above entrance
    Morgan Myers Awning
  • custom awing in front of ditch witch with lights
    Ditch Witch Awning
  • Close up of a custom awning at Water Still
    Water Still Awnings
  • close shot of underneath awning meeting the outside corner of the psi building
    Close up of Awning PSI Building
  • Water Still Custom Awning with brace and a clear blue sky
    Custom Awning at Water Still
  • custom awnings with brick pillars holding it up next to the psi building
    Custom Awning and Brick Column PSI Building

we can

Strengthen Your Storefront

When you want to make your business stand out, look to a high strength metal awning to instantly enhance your property. An awning can protect your storefront and help your company in the long run. Brahma Steel Builders specializes in manufacturing metal awnings that will attract customers to your business.

We provide aluminum canopies or covered walkways suitable for churches, hospitals, schools, or any commercial venues.

From designing your aluminum canopy, to meeting the right specifications, to the construction process, we guarantee a quality product.

A metal canopy will last decades while providing shelter for you and your customers from the elements. They can also serve as the perfect ledge to brand your name. Canopies can be attached or free-standing add-ons, the sky’s the limit.


Metal canopies add to your curb appeal, creating an area ripe for unique designs and lettering. They can be incorporated into each building’s structural design to enhance its appearance, best of all, they can be seen far down the road, handy for first-time visitors to find you.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal and usefulness as shelter, canopies made of steel are durable, stable and long-lasting. They come in a variety of styles and profiles from flat to sloped to curved, all meeting local building codes and standards. Also, steel canopies require little maintenance to preserve their usefulness and look.




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