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  • Shopping center with tile roof containing a nail salon, english rose boutique, parliament haus
    Shopping Center Spanish Style Amarillo
  • psi building full length of building with brick columns and Amarillo Texas in background
    PSI Building of Steel
  • morgan myers building from the other side of the front of the building with parking lot
    Morgan Myers Building Available Space
  • er now drone shot of roof and parking lot
    ER now roof
  • adobe walls from above with granite pallets in the back
    Adobe Walls from above
  • psi metal building from the front with parking lot and brick columns in view
    brick columns at the PSI Building in Amarillo


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Metal Buildings That Last

Choosing a steel building for your next project is always a good choice. There are numerous benefits that make metal the obvious material to construct a building.

Faster to Build

Our metal buildings can be assembled in a fraction of the time it would take to build with other materials. Our team is very organized making construction easier, faster, and providing you a cost savings on labor.


Accurately Designed

Brahma Steel Builders specialize in designing and building your facility needs. We have an in-house architect and engineer to take into account your specific business needs. By designing and fabricating everything ourselves, quality control is at the highest level.  Every business has unique details and we will focus on those needs to ensure your satisfaction.


Increased Safety

Designed to be structurally sound and very strong, our metal buildings can withstand severe weather conditions. Brahma Steel Builders designs each of its buildings to withstand increased snow and ice loads, as well as high wind speeds.


Energy Efficient

By using high quality insulation and construction materials, steel and metal buildings can be very energy efficient. Your Brahma Steel Buildings consultant can provide you with insulation options to ensure your investment – both inside and out – is well protected, leading to long-term energy efficiency.





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